Peach and Apricot | Aisu

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A heavenly flavour that is bursting with sweet and succulent nectar, followed by a creamy wave. Aisu means ice in Japan, and is based on the Japanese dessert Kaigori. Kaigori is a shaved ice dessert which has entranced Japanese consumers since the 11th Century. The dessert features ice shavings, with a smooth fluffy texture which distinguishes it from other ice desserts, infused with sweet syrup. Included in this otherwise traditional Japanese range are unusual flavours, such as the crisp and crunchy cactus from South and Central America, as well as more typical flavours such as Blackcurrant. You’ll find tropical fruits here, including Pink Guava and Dragon Fruit, as well as flavours common to our shores, such as cucumber and apple. Each flavour is cooled with a blast of menthol, giving a lingering icy coolness to your vape.

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