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Spiced-Up Strawberry | Shortfill | 50 ml

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Ohm Brew Spiced-Up Strawberry is a sweet and ripe tasting strawberry blend with a dash of cinnamon that adds depth, warmth and a touch of spice. Unlike most cinnamon vapes that have a sort of ‘dusty’ taste to them, this blend avoids that altogether. So you can expect a genuine, strawberry cinnamon dessert experience from Spiced Up Strawberry that vapes very cleanly without any nasty overtones.

  • Strawberry, cinnamon
  • 50ml, VG:PG 70:30
  • Nic free, nic shot ready

Ohm Brew is a Belfast Blend which originally made it’s name with nicotine salts. They have now introduced shortfills, many of which are known for a cool blast of either menthol or koolaid.

Flavours include Iced Tangy Twister, Ohm Brew’s take on a classic ice lolly based on a sweet raspberry intertwined with a swirl of cooling lime, Iced Freaky Fruits which offers up a medley of summer fruit with cooling menthol and deliciously sweet cool juicy Mango. Meanwhile, sensation X is designed to keep you guessing as Ohm Brew are keeping quiet about the exact ingredients - although the deep menthol overtone is unmistakable.