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About Us

Founded 2008 - experienced in everything from setting up new vape shops to helping customers select the best products for their customers.
Steering committee IBVTA - so we understand the challenges small vape businesses face, and can help you to overcome them.
Committed to quality - so you can feel reassured you are selecting the best products.
Sole distributor of Halo Vapour Co. - giving you access to a popular brand that has sold over 10 million bottles.

Products vapers want. Prices you will love.

Stocking the most in-demand vape products has never been more essential.

This is why we strive to ensure the businesses we work with stay one step ahead of the latest trends thanks to our vape wholesale service.

Orderly Distribution gives you access to thousands of the best devices, e-liquids and accessories from the biggest vape brands at great prices and with unmatched customer service.

We are an established vape wholesaler experienced in helping retailers set up, establish and elevate their businesses.

As members of the Independent British Vape Trade Association’s Steering Committee (IBVTA), we are well versed in all aspects of the UK vaping industry and understand the challenges that retailers face.

From helping you to select the best products to providing our expert advice, we give our customers the tools to succeed.

Our products are available for immediate dispatch at super competitive wholesale prices. You can be confident of stocking the vaping products your customers want, whilst ensuring great value for your business.

We are also the exclusive supplier of Halo Vapour Co - giving you exclusive access to one of the UKs most popular e-liquid ranges that has sold over 10 million bottles.

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