Adept Zlide Kit

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The Adept Zlide kit combines the popular Zlide tank with a new vape mod, the Adept. BATTERY LIFE The Innokin Adept comes with a 3000mAh battery life. Combined with the higher resistance of the coil, this means it offers an excellent battery life, and all but the heaviest vapers should easily get more than a day of vaping out of the device before needing to recharge. When you do need to recharge it, fast charging means your waiting time is kept to a minimum before you can use the device again. ZENITH COILS The Zlide’s zenith coils use Plexus Mesh. These create a greater surface area between the e-liquid and the coil, leading to better flavour consistency and coil life. INTELLIGENT WATTAGE SELECTION The Zlide automatically selects a wattage range based on the coil you use. For higher resistance coils you can choose between 11 and 14 watts and for lower resistance coils you can use between 14 and 17 watts. This eliminates the chance of accidentally selecting the wrong wattage, ensuring longer coil life and better flavour. WHO’S IT FOR? The solid construction and dust proof/water proof features mean this is a great kit for people who are outside, while the battery life means that ideal for people who don’t have access to a plug in the day. The kit is aimed at mouth-to-lung vapers, meaning it’s ideal for people who prefer a more restricted draw similar to that of a cigarette, while the ease of use means its great for people who prefer simple devices or who have recently switched to vaping. SPECS PRODUCT SPECS   SAFETY PROTECTIONS Over discharge protection Overcharge protection Over voltage protection Overheating protection High resistance/cut off protection FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What coils can I use the Innokin Zlide with? The Innokin Zlide is compatible with entire range of Zenith coils.

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