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Bar Salts E-Liquids: What retailers need to know…

Bar Salts E-Liquids: What retailers need to know…

Published by James Dunworth

A new trend has emerged in vaping - and it’s already resulting in major sales for shops.

What is it? New ranges of e-liquids which replicate the strong taste of disposables.

Wholesalers call these Bar Salts. It’s too soon to know if the name will stick - but we do know these salts e-liquids are already proving super popular with customers.

What are Bar Salts?

As the name suggests, these e-liquids are nicotine salts formats. That means, like disposable devices, they have a smooth throat hit despite their high nicotine content. They also have a stronger, sweeter taste than regular nicotine salts or e-liquids.

Why are they popular with customers?

There are a huge number of people who use disposables. Many eventually look towards refillable devices, either because of price or for sustainability reasons.

One of the barriers to this switch is taste. Customers want an e-liquid which tastes like a disposable, and current e-liquids are often distinctly different. Bar Salts use stronger flavour, sweeter flavours which appeal to disposable users. Some also exactly match popular disposable flavours.

What brands should retailers stock?

Elf Liq makes an obvious choice for retailers looking to stock bar salts. These e-liquids match the flavours and throat hit of the most popular disposable device, the Elf Bar. Unfortunately, sales so far have far out-stripped supply, and you may find supplies hard to find until new stock comes into the country next year. 

Another popular option is VLT:Z nicotine salts, which use a combination of nicotine salts and regular e-liquid for a satisfying nicotine hit.

Helping customers make the most of bar salts

Many Bar Salts customers only have experience using disposable devices. That means it’s key to keep both advice and device super simple.

One option is to recommend the Aspire R1 device. This is a cross between a disposable and a reusable device. You can refill the tank several times, then when the coil burns out you discard the device. This can make a great stepping stone to devices with replaceable pods.

A second option is the Vaporesso XRos 3 or Xros Mini, which are simple, reliable devices with refillable pods.

As a ballpark it’s best to advise customers that they will need to change their pod once a week, with a pack of pods lasting a month. We find that pods with 1Ω mesh coils work best with these flavours.

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