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Doozy Vape co.

Doozy Vape Co. is a Yorkshire based brand which has been making delicious e-liquids since 2014. It’s Fifty 50 10 ml e-liquid range features a variety of flavours, many based on berries, which range from straightforward flavours such as Menthol and Tobacco to more complex flavours such as Hiberry, which features mixed berry and fruit notes with a touch of aniseed and menthol.

Each bottle comes with 10 ml e-liquid in a tamper proof bottle with a childproof cap for peace of mind. The e-liquids come with a VG:PG ratio of 50:50, which makes them suitable for lower powered devices such as starter kits and for a restricted, Mouth-to-Lung vape similar to that of a cigarette. 


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